Who are we?

We are a team of professionals Consisting of Architects, Chartered Accountants, Finance Advisors, Civil Engineers, Interior Designers, Liasoning, Marketing and Legal Experts. We have been providing services as RCC/ Civil contractors, Liasoning, Interior Designer, Fund Raising and Marketing Experts since over a decade to renowned builders and developers in India.

Our Proposal – ‘ Self Redevelopment’ of Housing Societies

We propose ‘self redevelopment’ of eligible housing society For maximum benefits of the society members . After all, a parcel of land owned by a society is like any other long held investment i.e gold, shares etc which has risen in value after decades of holding and no one invites outsiders to share the benefits of such appreciation.

Self Redevelopment is a most beneficial and lucrative option to unlock the potentials of the redevelopment as against a redevelopment through a builder. We will provide all the resources and management required for a society redevelopment which will otherwise be managed by a builder and help the societies to Earn and retain financial benefits of such redevelopment.

Our Clients

 Lodha  Aqua, 19 Storeyed Building, Dahisar(E)

L & T – Omkar

Omkar 23 Storeyed Building, Malad.

Runwal Green, 40 Storeyed Bldg, Nahur.

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